Nozstock 2015

Nozstock festival 2015

Nozstock festival 2015 preview, ticket information line up and news.

During the 24th to the 26th of July there are no shortage of great festivals taking place up and down the country. So many in fact that one could be forgiven for not being able to choose which one to attend.

However, anyone who has been to Nozstock over the past few years will be in no doubt which festival to attend on the final weekend of July. Its not just the wide array of great bands that nozstock attracts that makes it such a memorable experience there is something really special about this festival thats hard to put your finger on let alone put into words.

With something to entertain and thrill in every nook and cranny Nozstock must take some serious year long organizing. Even more impressive is the fact that Nozstock has a very organic natural feel about it as if it was just meant to be.
An all inclusive festival for regardless of age or tastes. As their website states, Nozstock The Hidden Valley is a "blissful family festival that caters to all ages with activities that little ones can enjoy as well as entertainment for teens, students, seasoned festivalites, party-starters and grandparents."