Lowde Fest is Hampshire’s Premier Music and Beer Festival. This year’s event (Lowde Fest 16) will take place on the 2nd of July in Hazeley Bottom, just outside Hartley Wintney in North Hampshire (RG27 8LU).

Lowde Fest’s concept is really simple….to provide a fantastic family day out with amazing live music, wonderful beer, and great food. All profits raised on the day go to charity.

Non-stop Music Entertainment

LF16 has the biggest and best line up of music ever, with The Feeling, Mica Paris, Rick Parfitt Junior, Janet Devlin and many more. Straddling two stages and non-stop for 11 hours we have the most amazing entertainment exclusively for you.

Beers, Ciders & perry

Hampshire’s Best Beer Festival with over 80 Real Ales, Craft Lagers, Ciders and Perry

We are in the process of scouring the nations best independent breweries to find the perfect accompaniments for a summer Festival. It’s a tough job!!

Pink Lady and Mojito bar

Serving Pimms and fine wines, plus a range of soft and non-alcoholic beverages, the Pink Lady Bar is a great place to hang out and be seen. The welcoming staff, and fantastic views of the main stage ensure this is the place to be for all those who don’t want to be in the real ale bar.

Fantastic food from around the world.

Freshly cooked on site and tasting amazing, Lowde Fest prides itself on providing a fantastic array of fresh food to suit all palates. From hog roasts, to freshly cooked paella, and from good old fashioned hamburgers through to Nepalese curry. Everything is prepared with the finest ingredients, and all at a price thats really affordable.

Great range of entertainment off stage

For the kids who want to play, Lowde Fest offers fantastic fairground attractions. From rides, to amusements it will keep them happy for hours. Lowde Fest 16 will see more great fairground attractions adding to the carnival feel of the whole event.

Here at Lowde Fest we recognise how families need different entertainment for different age groups. Our Toddler Zone is a place for parents, carers and children to hangout. We provide ride-ons for toddlers, seating for adults, and a covered area to protect from the glorious hot sunshine (it’s always sunny at Lowde Fest).

There will be bouncy castles, face painting etc etc


And of course festival goers will be able to camp in the field next to the festival.

Tickets £25 for an adult, children under 5 come free.

Charity fundraising event

All profit raised on the day go to The Lowde Music Trust. Music for Good is our motto and on all the banners, but its more than than just a motto. As a charitable trust we have teamed up with our partner Radio Lollipop, who provide hospital radio for children across the world, and we have begun to work on an incredibly ambitious and exciting new programme.

Together we believe in the healing power of music and play and in providing smiles and laughter to children at a time when they need it most.  An incredible one in four children are  admitted to a hospital before reaching age 14 and although some patients have only a short-stay, many have a recurring need for care and return repeatedly to hospital. Some, who are terminally ill will spend much of their short lives in hospital.

We are now working to ensure that every child who is admitted to one of the severe illness wards across the UK,  is given access to an iPad (or equivalent) for the duration of their stay. This will provide them with access to music based creative play apps where they can create music, remix music, share music and interact directly with the Radio Lollipop broadcasts and the volunteer bedside carers.

Music has been proven to increase children’s recovery rates as well as ease tension and fears during prolonged stays. The apps will also enable children  to safely access instant messaging and face time to help keep them directly in touch with their parents and carers.

This project is not cheap and we are working with some of the best in the country to ensure its affective and efficient, but it is recognised as being a significant and important step in helping children who are suffering.

In parallel with this work the LMT is also starting to provide “hardship grants” to students who show incredible creative and musical talent but are unable to afford the privileges of good tuition and academic support for their talent. Music is loved by everyone and we believe everyone should have the chance to develop their talents. None of us know where the next great singer, songwriter, or performer is coming from, but we think of music as a genuine life skill that can only lead to good.
Festival start date and time:
02/07/2016 11.30am